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    [Rezi] Kendare Blake – The Oracle Queen [Three Dark Crowns]

    Klappentext Triplet queens born on the island of Fennbirn can be many things: Elementals. Poisoners. Naturalists. If an oracle queen is born, however, one with the gift of sight, she’s immediately drowned, extinguishing her chance at ever taking the throne. But that’s not how it always was. This cautionary practice started long ago, with Queen Elsabet—the legendary, and last, oracle queen—whose reign was tinged with blood and horror. Paranoid, ruthless, and utterly mad, Elsabet’s mistrust led to the senseless slaying of three entire houses of innocent people. At least, that’s the unchallenged tale carried down from generation to generation. But what really happened?

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    [Blogtour] Der schwarze Thron: Die Königin – Interview mit Kendare Blake [+Gewinnspiel]

    Hallöchen zusammen, heute darf ich euch zum letzten Tag unserer Blogtour zu Kendare Blakes „Der schwarze Thron – Die Königin„* willkommen heißen. Nachdem ihr in den letzten Tagen unteranderem unsere Königinnen besser kennengelernt habt, gibt es heute ein Interview mit der Person ohne die es sie gar nicht erst gäbe: Autorin Kendare Blake. Hinweis: Für die deutsche Übersetzung des Interviews scrollt bitte weiter nach unten. Books on Fire: One Dark Throne is your third book translated into German. How does it feel as an author to know that your stories are also available to none-English speakers? Have you ever heard from one of your foreign readers that names or things…